Sunday, July 29, 2012

So Proud!

Today I witnessed something extraordinary!  Well, to some parents it may have been no big deal, but to Kenny and I it was nothing short of seeing a new child emerging! 

Today, while sitting in church, they brought all the kids that attended Vacation Bible School up onto the stage to do a short program.  Aohdan has always been PERTRIFED of stuff like this!  When he was 3 years old we tried to make him go up on stage with the other kids to sing Christmas was a disaster.  Kenny felt he should be shown 'tough love' and made him stay up there, thinking it was just something he had to work through, and the whole time I'm watching in tears myself.  I remember that day as a low point for him, and for us.  For the next 2 years he would cry and cover his ears any time he experienced anything new.  One time we all went to our county fair to watch the school bus races.  Aohdan cried and whined about the noise the ENTIRE TIME!  It was horrible for me, people were staring at us....uugghh. 

Back to today...  Our youth pastor's wife was heading to the stage for a Vacation Bible School program (unbeknownst to us) and as she walked by she sort of stooped over, grabbed Aohdan by the arm (gently) and said to him, "come on Aohdan." And he went with her.  Just like that.  I just stared as they walked away.  As I watched him on stage, I think I braced myself for a didn't happen.  Instead he looked over at my husband and I as he sang and danced with the other kids on stage.  All the while smiling at us.  I was SO PROUD of him!  When they finished he came back his seat next to ours and I just hugged him and told him I loved him.  He looked so happy! 

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